флеш игры

Happy Easter Puzzle

It;s time to start painting! Look what happens when bunny and chicken work together. What will we discover when the picture comes into full color? Complete the puzzle to see the effects of chicken and bunny cooperation in this Easter jigsaw puzzle.

Password 2

A challenging riddle game. 20 Levels to challenge you! Figure out the password using available hints in each level.


Try to switch circles and squares into the asked positions. Rolling the mouse cursor out of a shape will change it.

Brick Break

Brick Break is a game of strategy not a test of speed or quick thinking. The object of Brick Break is to remove all colored stone bricks from the game field to proceed to next level. 6 difficulty levels, dozens of game levels and power bricks (such as bomb brick that breaks adjacent paved stone bricks) makes Brick Break addicting for all types of players.

Mahjong Ready

Mahjong Ready is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game.


Memocubez, a 3D Brain Workout. Match forms that fit together and have the same color. Rotate the cubes to find the different forms. Click on a cube to choose a form. Be quick and make as few turns as possible!

Jet Maze

Pilot your jet through a mid air maze. Don;t get suckered into dead ends. Watch for sharp turns!

Flash Chess III

A classic chess game, written in flash, great graphics

Chicken Mate

New amazing merry game that absorb you for sure. The chickens are laying. You are a crafty fox stealing the eggs. You catch one egg, it brings you 100 points or 500 points for the gold eggs. Eggs are falling faster and faster. When 5 eggs are broken, the game is over. Score as much as you can and publish the best results.

Easter Bunner Differences

An Easter themed spot the difference game.