флеш игры

Memory 3D

A 3D twist on the classic Memory game.

Инструкция. This is a classic memory game, you must find pairs of hidden objects until there;s none left. First, select a theme, then select a style of play. Meticulous : Get the fewest tries Stressful : Beat the 5 min clock Casual : No contest, have fun... There are 13 pairs of objects hidden in a 3x3x3 cube, it has 26 little cubes plus 1 central cube that has no objects. Select a cube with the mouse, then select another to see if both objects match. If they do, they are removed, else you watch them for 1 sec and you try again. The game is over when only the central cube is left. Use the control button to rotate the cube. The X button quit the game to the menu.

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