флеш игры

Guess Who;s That Anime

Hello, this is my first game in flash. I’m all new to flash and so this game is just a simple input-output game. I know, it’s plain and simple, but please take time to play ^^ . And, help me to improve?

Инструкция. Anime Guru? You think you know all? We’ll see if you can make a name here. 4 Blocks will be blocking the image of the character, only a portion of the image will be seen so that you will have a hint of who it is already. Perfect score for each round is 30. You’ll get a minus 5pts. for a clue and minus 1pt. for guessing the character wrong. You can guess the character any time (first name will do), just type your answer in the text box (watch out for spellings!) and click on NEXT to get on the next round. Click on SURRENDER to quit the game. Well then, have you finished reviewing? Hit on START!

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