флеш игры


You don;t quite know why you;re still stuck watching this boiler. Your boss threw you down here – why did you ever get employed as a mad scientist;s minion anyway? – and told you that your only job was to keep the crazy thing from overloading. Now you;re trying desperately to stop it from blowing in your face, ending your career, your boss; project, and quite possibly the world.

Инструкция. Click on the blocks representing elements in the boiler to remove them, and form stable sets of three matching elements to stay alive and unexploded. (You don;t know what the scrolling numbers mean, but they increase every time you finish a match, so they must be good.) Play through four different difficulties of Continuous mode as you try to keep the boiler from detonating as long as possible, or instead dare Puzzle mode to attempt to fix its flaws before it;s too late. The fate of the world could well be in your hands.

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