флеш игры

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Get dressed in the correct order to experience this love story and its ending. Creator;s Statement : A dress up game, whereby when an item is chosen, a small poetry window is displayed evoking memories associated with that piece of clothing. After dressing, you will be scored 0-100%, depending on the order of clothing clicked ; 100% is given for the correct order of the "story". The story is about time travel (symbolised by the Travis, the Moonstar), longing and missed opportunities. "If only I wore brown that day maybe he would have noticed me." It is also, of course, a gay love story.

Инструкция. I remember my first pearl necklace. You made it for me. It was such a surprise. I;m just another notch on the belt to you. You have so many but I only have you. These angel wings were half price at Walmart. You picked them up from the shelves and smiled. You said, "Baby , take a walk on the wild side." I used to wear such common jeans. black denim; tight. You turn to me one night, straight, no chaser. Keep it simple, keep yourself open. So I did. The soft fabric brushes my nipples like your sweet carress. I couldn;t care less. What they all think of me. When I put this on. This hasn;t worked since the time you stole it from me. I want those memories back. I want you back. These sandals are worn, like my heart. trampled underfoot, whence i saw you with that tart. If you want to destroy my sweater. Watch it unravel as I walk away. Pretty soon, I;ll be naked. Lying on the floor, I;ll come undone. These aren;t mine. These are yours. Did you know I took them? Do you even miss them? I wear them always. You never told me what you really liked. I;ll even go yiffy for you. Purr?

Необъятная коллекция флеш-игр специально для вас на нашем сайте. Флеш-игры любых жанров - драки, стрелялки, гоночные игры, симуляторы, логические игры, одевалки, казино и множество другие увлекательных игр. Нас нередко посещают по запросу .

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