флеш игры

Ha yha!

Advance through the comics by defeating all of your enemies. Get to the Temple and fight the Queen!

Инструкция. Use your keyboard to play this game. Defeat all of your enemies using your sword and make your way through the comics to the Temple! At the Temple you will meet your final adversary – the Queen! At the top of your screen, you will see how many lives you have left. The bar shows you how much strength you have left before you lose a life. After you kill each enemy, eat the sushi that they leave behind to give yourself more strength. Pick up ninja stars on your way to the Temple and when you get to the final level, pick up the Jars of Strength to help you defeat the Queen. L and R Arrows - Walk Left and Right Shift & L or R - Run Left and Right Up Arrow - Jump Two Up Arrows - Double Jump Up Arrow with R or L - Diagonal Jump Down Arrow - Crouch S - Swing Sword A - Swing Sword fast D - Swing Sword low Q - Block enemies W - Jump and swing Sword Space bar - kick

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